Additional Trainee Support

To enable early identification and management of trainees who need additional support


(Advanced training)

Entry requirements and application process for admission to the advanced training programme in sexual and reproductive health.

Recognition of Prior Learning

Mechanism for reviewing and crediting prior learning for candidates entering the Advanced Training Programme 


For appeals against assessment decisions during Advanced Training


To promote and support diversity amongst sexual and reproductive health trainees and specialists. 

Specialist Retraining

Specialists wanting or needing to undertake retraining within a section of the Family Planning and Reproductive Health scope

Complaints and Disputes

Grievances and complaints about  Training processes or disputes with those involved in training.

Flexible Training

For advanced trainees who are not undertaking full time training

Training Site


for services seeking to offer a training post suitable for the advanced training programme

Cultural Competency

Treating and working with people of different cultural backgrounds.

International Medical Graduates

Mechanism for reviewing and assessing international specialist training in sexual and reproductive health