Clinical Training Programme Duration 
= 36 months full time (up to 72 months flexible training)

Before entry

  • Two years post graduate practice, including at least 6 months in obstetrics and gynaecology

  • Ongoing full registration with MCNZ


  • CPR training within last 3 years


Year 1

  • 36 weeks FTE Family Planning

  • 12 weeks FTE Sexual Health Medicine


Years 2-3

  • 80 weeks FTE employment in a sexual reproductive health service to include a minimum of 50 weeks in a clinic accredited to provide family planning experience

  • Equivalent of 6 months of 1 day a week (7.5 hrs) of abortion care (unless completed in year 1) including counselling and observation/provision of medical and surgical abortion (which may be within a sexual and reproductive health accredited clinic)

  • Research project presented at a national or international conference/published in a peer review journal


  • An audit with completion of the audit cycle which leads to demonstrated change in practice in sexual and reproductive health setting (unless completed in year 1)

  • 50 hours in each of 2 subspecialty introductory topics from the specified list