International Medical Graduates Review Policy



International medical graduates with specialist qualification in sexual and reproductive health


To define the mechanism for reviewing and assessing international specialist training in sexual and reproductive health for vocational registration within the Family Planning Reproductive Health scope with Medical Council of New Zealand.


International Medical Graduates (IMGs) who wish to practise medicine in New Zealand initially contact the Medical Council of New Zealand,

The New Zealand College of Sexual and Reproductive Health (NZCSRH, the College) administered by the New Zealand Sexual and Reproductive Health Educational Charitable Trust is the Vocational Educational Advisory Body (VEAB) which will provide advice to the Medical Council for those IMGs wanting to become vocationally registered in this scope of practice.

The Educational Advisory Committee will initially undertake a review of the programme content which forms the curriculum and clinical training and assessment of the IMG’s qualification.  This may be followed by an interview to clarify the training and experience gained within the clinical settings in their country of origin. IMGs will be provided with information on the scope of the interview in this situation.

NZCSRH will report back to the Medical Council on whether the qualifications, training and experience of the IMG is comparable to or as satisfactory as a New Zealand trained practitioner. If necessary, NZCSRH will provide recommendations on what is required to bring the IMG up to that standard.  It is anticipated that the majority of IMGs would need some training around the New Zealand legislation relating to sexual and reproductive health, and cultural competency training.

Currently, only Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Health Membership or Fellowship from the UK can be considered comparable clinically.  IMGs who do not have a specialist qualification from their country of origin, but who have been working at specialist level, will be assessed using the Recognition of Prior Learning Policy.



Any dispute in this regard will be referred to the Trust Board according to the Complaints Policy.


Policy Owner: Educational Advisory Committee

Date: June 2020

Review Date: June 2023