Additional Trainee Support Policy


Trainees identified as not reaching expected standards or training timeframes.  This policy should be read alongside the Flexible Training Policy, as some circumstances contributing to an unsatisfactory assessment may be covered under this policy to allow for additional time or training for exceptional circumstances.


To enable early identification and management of trainees who need additional support to meet the expected standards within the required timeframe of the advanced training programme.


All trainees will undertake formative assessments at 3 and 9 months each year of training, and summative assessments at 6 and 12 months each year of training, with their supervisor.  Trainees who are underperforming will be identified through these formative and summative assessments which include 360° reviews.

All formative and summative assessments will be sent to the Educational Advisory Committee for review as part of ongoing programme monitoring.  Supervisors will be asked to identify trainee assessments which are not deemed to be satisfactory.

The Educational Advisory Committee will review underperforming trainee documentation and consider contributing factors resulting in the “not satisfactory” grading.  The Educational Advisory Committee will determine whether this is the appropriate outcome for the assessment. Based on that review, if the overall assessment is not considered satisfactory, a Learning Development Plan will be developed by the trainee and their training supervisor for ongoing education and training, which must be approved by the Educational Advisory Committee. In addition, the trainee can also look to flexible training or take a break from training, as per the Flexible Training Policy, particularly if work life balance is deemed to be a contributing factor for failing a summative assessment.

Any six-month block which does not result in satisfactory assessment following Educational Advisory Committee review will not be counted for training and must be repeated.

After all efforts from the trainee and supervisor, any trainee who fails 3 summative assessments, or who becomes time expired as a result of repeating training blocks, will be required to leave the training programme.


Any dispute in this regard will be referred to the Trust Board according to the appropriate Appeals or Complaints Policy, depending on the nature of the dispute.


Policy Owner: Educational Advisory Committee

Date: June 2020

Review Date: June 2023